Something Wicca came this way

Witchy beginnings:

I should mention before I continue my adventures with the unseen world that my mom wasn’t mentioned much in the previous article because it was only around the age of 26 when we started to become close. Until that time, mom loved and supported me but I really didn’t feel understood.

Okay let me be kind and rewind here, after a few years I began to get a handle on my clairsentience. During that time I practiced the Craft but to be fair it was an on and off relationship. ‘It wasn’t you,’ I would tell the Craft, ‘it’s me’. Most people don’t know this but WitchCraft requires so much studying, there are so many components to it, for example divination, magic, the history of witchcraft, herbalism.

‘The Magicians’ saga, especially the books offer a more accurate perspective on this. See magicians and witches adhere to strict guidelines in their practices. These include the current phase of the moon, the current astrological cycle, the correspondences (thing of it like a big web in which some things are linked to others on a metaphysical level, for instance if you want to do a fire spell you’d use the image of a dragon and have a red cloth on your altar), which deities/non-physical entities to invoke.

How to practice magic

It can even be brought down to the day and hour of said day. Traditionally one also has to fast 24 hours prior to working any magick as this is thought to cleanse your body and spirit. And don’t get me started on which ingredients you can use.

One last thing to take away and scout’s honour I’m done, you still need to do the leg work for that shiny new car/mansion with more than one wing.

Why practice magick then?

See I like to practice magick when either the need arises or the mood strikes me. If a spell calls for orris root, I’ll find something easier to obtain. Magick is sacred but its still a tool, we are the ones who wield it. Thanks to Mr Raymond Buckland, a witch who I greatly admire, you are the magick, like that whole dumbo not needing the feather anology. Great, I done just put myself in the mood to watch that movie.

All of these factors are aids, they amplify your magick. But you are the source of it. And done correctly, it can really create wonders in your life.

One other thing to clear up and I might be crushing some dreams here but real magick takes a good minute to manifest. I takes an ages for Spirit/the universe to arrange events to manifest your desire.   

Back to the craft, you could spend a lifetime studying each branch of the Craft on their own. For me a highlight of Witchcraft a ritual called the ‘Drawing down of the moon’. In a nutshell, the Goddess, the divine feminine essence of the universe decides to take the wheel for a while. It’s truly a remarkable thing, feeling your consciousness dwarf in the presence of someone so old, loving yet powerful. Every cell in your body vibrates with energy when this happens.

More than this, maybe I watched too many superhero movies but I could finally change people lives for the better. When they asked for it, of course.

One occasion that truly made me thankful for what I could do was an incident that occurred many moons ago. We a few colleagues and I had gathered to make merriment at another colleague’s home, a cloud was cast upon these tidings because we found out the host had a precious family jewel taken. Before I slept I asked that I see the truth. I had a dream in which a few my colleagues and I were standing in front of the house by the fire. During that time, the thief, another colleague of ours slipped into the room where the jewel was kept and made away with it. A week later, these events were confirmed.

I didn’t make fill the colleague who was wronged in on this because I was still uncertain of my own abilities. More than this I was afraid, that I wouldn’t be taken seriously.

To summarize:

*Magick is real but it doesn’t happen overnight

*The Craft is a path requires study, dedication and patience

*There are many factors to consider when casting a spell but the most important is how strongly you desire your wish

Join me next week as I continue my walk with Spirit.  

I’m also going to post a separate article that covers some of the basics that every psychic or aspiring needs to go.

Until my next post, namaste and stay woke!

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