My descent into Hades and my return

My descent into Hades and my return

How my psychic abilities first manifested

Like most people I was born with psychic abilities, in fact that they run in my family unbeknownst to them. I just paid attention and I could see it. Grandma knew how someone was feeling before they even uttered a word (and I don’t just mean body language), mom herself has prophetic dreams and clairvoyant experiences.

 They both simply chalk it off to the gifts of the Spirit funnily enough, so they aren’t too far off from owning their abilities, we just on where these abilities come from.

Growing up, I was raised by my grandparents as mom was crazy young and was doing her bit to bring home the bacon. Then gramps left the physical plane because of cancer and grandma took on the mantle of raising my ass. Looking back I don’t know how she did it when any opinion popped into my mind.

In addition to this, my toys had a very short lifespan because they were part of an on-going pre-Netflix series in my mind. Every week they would either be sacrificed to a deity on an altar (usually a friend’s braai stand, that’s a barbeque from anyone who’s not from around these parts) or dismembered or die some other horrendous death.

And unlike my favourite shows (I’m looking at you Supernatural), there was no come-back. Bye Felicia, the end.


I’m sure these are red flags of a troubled young mind and any psychologists, therapists and wizards are welcome to contact me. I was happy, however, and grew up wanting for nothing. Queue the bump in the night, because whenever darkness fell I would hear footsteps outside. I shared a bed with my gran then and this would go on throughout the night. Her bedroom window was next to the backyard and I could hear the crunch of sand/soil as though someone was doing a power walk every night.But, no one was there. 

I kept these happenings to myself, not letting gran in this.Out of fear I suppressed this phenomena and time passed without so much as a hint of this.

Years later, after the Self-dedication ceremony mentioned in the previous post, my gifts decided to come visit. Like that one friend who pops up announced and it’s too late to hide because they already saw your car in the driveway. It started with empathy, that’s right, I could feel what others felt and it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies thank you very much. One day, I took the bus on my home, suddenly I felt hot, I was standing at the time but it was next to an open window and I only had my school shirt on. I freaked out, how could I go from zero to inside a furnace in a matter of seconds. Then it struck it me, I looked down at the passenger who I was leaning over. She was fanning herself and seemed a shade of pink, realizing this I was back to normal. 

Another occasion occurred about two years after, I had just finished school and had taken on the position of asset monitor. It was insanely monotonous as you were legit tasked with labelling and then scanning hospital equipment. The location made it exciting because I spoke to doctors and morticians but that was the height of the excitement. Each day you would be paired up with someone, sometimes the same person, at other times someone completely different. 

Anywheew, I was paired off with a female colleague and we were sent to a wing in the hospital which no one had been to in ages. It was three floors up and was crazy creepy but something even more strange happened on the way there. My colleague and I stepped into the elevator, I closed the door and not a moment later I was terrified. I did my best to keep my cool façade going but I was rattled. I wasn’t afraid of elevators or heights so this made me feel like I was actually losing my marbles. A few days later the girl I rode the lift with told me in confidence that she was afraid of elevators, why I can’t recall, but she said whenever she had to go to a higher floor then she would always take the stage.

It didn’t end there, nope, my gift was had me looking for the receipt, I wanted to send this shit back. Another incident that shook me was one that happened with another colleague at the time, I was assigned to a different hospital. We were given the duty of tagging any hospital equipment in the psychiatric ward. The moment, as in the exact point in time when I set foot the area I was overwhelmed by uncontrollable laughter. 

I was in fact close to asking if they had wanted to keep me there. Once more, as soon as I left the area the uncontrollable laughter ended.The research that I did in addition to my own experiences led me to the conclusion that I could only pick up on heightened emotions, you were either elated, terrified or angry, ‘meh’ just didn’t register on my psychic radar. In time I learned to distinguish between what I was feeling and what someone else was experiencing. 

Don’t get me started on how I felt/feel when I am in a group and emotions are running high. Until I learned something called ‘shielding’ which is a rudimentary psychic skill (you can read more here) I felt like I was being ripped apart. Shielding along with meditation and grounding kept me from completely going off the rails but I’ll give more info on these three topics under the Psychic living and crossing over.


Like a pokemon who had been through its share of battles, my gift evolved. Two years later I landed my third job, I worked for a relatively big internet service provider. It was here that I truly found who I was but let me get back on track. I entered the cafeteria and to this day, I have difficulty wording experience like this, but it was like an invisible punch to the gut hit me.

There was only one other person present at the time but we were more the ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, type of colleagues, we hadn’t actually been friends. I took a chance and asked her if everything was okay. [insert spidey-sense gif] She responded that her father was unwell and she had been concerned about his condition for a while now. I pulled up a chair and we continued to talk. That was the day that I actually started to appreciate what I could do, maybe I could use it to help other people after all.


I carefully started to share my knowledge and what I could do with my colleagues. I was called sorcerer, warlock and freak but this did not phase me, I stood my ground. Soon I was reading palms and this opened up new discussions until this freak became the new norm. I was out of the broom closet and it felt good. Let me reiterate that witches and medium/psychics aren’t the same things, a witch can be psychic but not all psychics are witches, in fact, many come from different religious paths. But being a witch allowed me to tap into who I really was so I decided that my abilities were a part of being a witch and being a witch was a part of my whole.

In the next post, I’ll shine the light on the next step in my road to psychic development.


I hope anyone out there who finds them in a similar situation knows that they aren’t alone. To make it more daunting there are hundreds of website to offer illumination and thousands of resources available to educate yourself. You are welcome to mail me personally if you would like to know where to begin.


To summarize:

*Psychic abilities will appear in the most unexpected of ways.

*Some are born with latent gifts but anyone can develop them.

*When they first begin to manifest it can feel dis-jarring but with some basic techniques we can learn to harness them. 

If you’d like to head back to my previous post, click on the link below:

Until my next post namaste and light to you! 

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