Who am i?

I’m your average Cape Townian with a loud family and a big one at that. I’m a dude who loves his gaming and who’s attracted to other dudes. I can twirl the night away, sometimes being borderline extra in a club or pub just as easily as I can spend it indoors with my closest friends. Oh and I also have the ability to sense energies (mostly emotional but on occasion mental and physical) and I can speak to spirits among other things. Witch, writer, psychic and aspiring medium are a few of the hats which I wear.

After speaking to angels, deities and ascended masters (and an emissary from the Fairy realm, tell you more on that later) I’ve started learning to better my relationship with Spirit to help improve myself and get advice for those who ask for it. I’m a massive nerd too, loves me some Star Trek, mostly the Voyager series but J.J Abrams did a bang up job with the reboots too. I’m also gaga about all things paranormal.

In time I plan to start seminars and classes for those who would like to make contact with the Spirit World themselves, for now, I’ll share a few exercises for those who want to develop or activate their own psychic gifts and contact their own guides.

Come join me on this path of self-discovery, fun and at times just plain weirdness, maybe you’ll learn a little something about yourself that you never quite new. Other than a few minutes to lose, you’ve got something to gain, in time you might just be able to speak to your own guardian angel. What do you say? Let’s get goofy together…

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